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tv   Journal  LINKTV  May 18, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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hello and a warm welcome to the journal on dw. our top stories. rescue operations continue in the opens amidst the worst flooding in living memory. north korea admits to a serious building collapse. hundreds are feared dead. again -- bayeit rn munich do it again. they win the german cup.
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well, the worst flooding on record in the balkans has now killed at least 37 people. tens of thousands of others have been forced to leave their homes. much of the worst of the damage has been caused by a river which has burst its banks in many areas. >> rescue teams are searching for anyone trapped by the floods in their homes. they are surrounded by water meters deep. the only way out is by boat. >> we knew about the floods, but we do not think the water would arrive so suddenly. when i saw this morning, it was too late. >> there are similar scenes further downstream all along the river. it is not reported to have burst its banks in several places in croatia. in serbia -- it has been hard hit. around 20,000 people have been evacuated from the town.
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that is almost the entire population. for most of them, abandoning the place where they live is a wrench. >> some people said we do not want to leave their homes. that is a very personal decision. we try to convince them to leave, but it is very difficult. >> many elderly residents have hung onto the last, although they have been without power for days. the floods are threading -- rbia'sening part of se electrical. bosnia is on the other side of the river. the floods may have dislodged landmines. nobody can be sure how far the river has carried them. >> to find out more about the situation and one of the countries affected we are joined on the line from the serbian capital belgrade. vesnia, what can you tell us about the situation in the
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suburb of belgrade. >> peter, i can tell you the latest news say levies surrounding the power plants nicola tesla has given way to the sava river. and there may be some restrictions in power supply to serbia, because the tesla plant is the biggest and most reliable in serbia. there's ald mean that risk the country could be without electricity. >> the authorities are facing many challenges. how are they coping? >> for the time being, they are coping all right. i think many volunteers have the to to try to save
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levie. therescue operation is turning more into recovery. haswater is out, that is receded completely. the sanitation of large areas of serbia will be badly needed. >> thank you very much for that update from belgrade. go to libya now where gun men have used antiaircraft weapons to attack parliament. somoke could be seen rising from the building. seized at several lawmakers after a shootout with militia men who were protecting islam as members of parliament. a spokesman for a renegade general says the forces were loyal to him. troups also struck benghazi on friday. mary fitzgerald is with us now
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directly from tripoli. mary, it is clearly a volatile situation in both aaa and bengh -- tripoli and benghazi. help us to understand what is going on. i think i heard a click, meaning we do not have the line in tripoli. we are going to go to more of north korea. ah, maybe we do have mary after all. mary, can you explain what is going on in tripoli? >> can you hear me? the parliament came under fire earlier this afternoon. [indiscernible]
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mary, in tripoli. i am very sorry, we are going to leave it there. we will come back to you on the next edition of "the journal." it was not working out very well. we apologize for the quality of that conversation. we will try to go back to mary fitzgerald in tripoli. now to north korea were hundreds of people have believed -- are leave to have died after the collapse of a 23 story apartment building. unusual move, the government officially apologize for what it called an unimaginable accident. the building collapsed on tuesday but it was not reported until this morning by the central news agency. state media toor report bad news from within the country. at newspaper stands, residents expressed their anger about the building's collapse.
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>> the accident really makes me feel pain inside. in a country where the good of the people are supposed to be the priority, it is impossible to imagine and asked it like this could happen. everyone upon yang shares the charlotte of the victims -- the orrow of the victims and the families. >> this happen because they broke the rules in methods of construction. we have to make sure it never happens again by sticking to the proper method of holding. -- of building. >> these are the pictures of people have been allowed to see. they reportedly show the site of the accident and government officials apologizing for what has happened. little is known in the outside world about life in north korea. ong unvernment of kim j usually publishes flattering
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images, such as those of military parades. it is unusual for the regime to allow reports of an accident. the death toll from the collapse has not been revealed to the public. exit pollse where point to a strong showing for the radical left party of local and regional elections. reports say the series of -- the party is leading in the race, and the government for the surrounding region. the vote is the first test at the ballot box for conservative prime minister since his shaky coalition within center-left pushed through austerity cuts to secure bailout aid. we are joined by anthony in athens. what does the outcome of this vote tell us about the political mood in athens? >> the official results are still trickling in, but the exit polls are showing a very strong showing for the radical leftist
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party in athens and in the attika region, which represents 3 million of 9 million voters. is showing a setback for the conservative coalition. which is facing its first election. >> a lot of people will be asking themselves -- >> [indiscernible] >> a lot of people will be asking about what this tells us about the mood in greece ahead of next weekend's european parliament election. dear, i think we have lost the line. in athens reporting on the outcome of elections in athens and the surrounding region. we turn to sports now. hambergn soccer where
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remains the only club never to be relegated from the bundesliga. they drew 1-1 in the second leg of a playoff. the first leg finished 0-0, but a decisive away goal for hamburg. munich fansayern are celebrating today after their club won the german cup final last night. aey beat the team 2-0 in hard-fought match. >> bayern celebrated their cup triumph on the balcony of the town hall. the team are regulars here. 8 days ago they were parading the otis leaguer trophy to -- the bundesliga trophy to fans. ♪
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bayern's players had parted long into saturday night. they celebrated in berlin, where they clinched the title. the olympic stadium has been a happy hunting ground. suburban, and unbelievably emotional game and it was again proved the two teams on the field were the best in germany. >> only one of them could win. bayern.uble for threw first half, bayern everything at their opponents. iner the break, the men yellow looked more dangerous. this header appeared to cross the line, but the referee did not award the goal. >> i do not want to complain, but it does look like we made it 1-0 there. >> the exhausting encounter lurched into extra time. 107th was made 1-0 in the
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minute. we fought for it together and got the ultimate reward. >> dorkland end the season without a trophy. bayern made it 2-0 with the final counterattack. it left dorffman's fans crying into their beer. djokovicnis, novak has beaten nadal to win the rom e masters, 4-6, 6-3, 6-3. it is his third title in comes a week before the start of the french open. talking of france, all the
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talk in the cannes film festival is about the film "welcome to new york." diu.eatures gerard depar oui. [speaking french] >> power, politics, and sex addiction. in the film, he is called devereaux, but he's identified as dominique strauss-kahn. strauss kahn try to have the film banned. the background. strauss-kahn, a leading hopeful for the french presidency was arrested in new york. he was accused of sexually assaulting a chambermaid in a hotel. those charges were dismissed but other allegations of sex attacks
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started to emerge suggesting that struasauss kahn might havea serious problem. interest in the film's premiere was great. audiences were keen to see the fall from grace of a man once so powerful. the fascination with the case and the man remains high. depardieu plays the part of a man controlled by lust, stopping only when taken into custody. it's a caricature. some critics say it last -- it lacks depth, but works as a parable on the abuse of power. tofrom star actors astronauts aboard the international space station who have sent their cargo carrier back to earth to fetch them supplies. dragon hadd spacex been docked at the station since last month.
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the u.s. space agency nasa turned to the private sector after scrapping his shuttle program in 2011. scotty.the groceries, bye-bye. >> pro-russia's separatists in ukraine said on monday that over 90% of voters that self rule and a referendum held into eastern districts. the interim government in kiev condemns the vote as a legal and dismissed the claims of high voter turnout. >> according to the interior ministry and experts, yesterday 24% of residents eligible to vote in the region and just over 32% in another region took part in this farce. following the vote, a leader
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of the self-declared peoples republic asked moscow to consider allowing the region to join the russian federation but the mood among local residents is mixed. >> i just want this to end. i do not want to go anywhere. i like it here. i do not think life in russia would be any better. over easternol ukraine disputed, it is unclear whether next weekend's presidential election will go ahead there. on wednesday, the first roundtable talks aimed at resolving the crisis were held in kiev. the session, hosted by the organization for security and cooperation in europe, including government officials and other political rule and religious leaders. >> the militant islamist group boko haram released the first images on monday of some of the 290 nigerian girls who have been missing since they were kidnapped from there's last month. it is not know when or where -- not known when or where the
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video was taken. the leader said the girls would remain in captivity until the government freed all detained a demandm fighters, nigeria rejected. public anger has been swelling in the country with protesters accusing the government of waiting too long to mobilize its forces and accept international help. the u.s. has already sent aircraft to help find the girls. campaign has taken on a global dimension with people around the world calling for the schoolgirls to be released unharmed. 7 story building under construction in south korea began to tilt on monday, wanting authorities toc cordon off the site. the structure located 100 kilometers south of seoul started leaning and is in danger of collapsing. than 300 people were
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killed on tuesday in turkey's worst ever mining accident. relatives and jordan agonizing wait as rescuers worked through the night to try and reach some iners believed to be trapped underground. the chances of pulling out survivors diminished by the hour but families held out hope for a miracle. >> i have a grandson down there. his pregnant wife is due to give birth in 17 days. mine wassaster at the initially blamed on electrical the fact -- defect. the ensuing fire hampered search and rescue operations with crews pumping oxygen down the shaft. the government says the mine underwent safety inspections including one in march. in response to the disaster, turkey pledged a thorough investigation and declared three days of national mourning. ruling, themark
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european court of justice declared that citizens have a right to be forgotten. eu judges ruled individuals could ask google and other deleteengines to inadequate, outdated or irrelevant information. the court said its decision was based on data reduction rules, -- protection rules. google wasainst brought by a spanish freelancer whose livelihood was being hurt by a newspaper report about his home being repossessed. an article that was 15 years old. police in germany announced on tuesday that bayern munich's former president had been the victim of a blackmail attempt. the revelation comes as he prepares to begin at 3.5 year prison sentence for tax evasion.
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he received a letter last week threatening to make life difficult unless he paid a six-figure sum. police arrested the blackmailer. anti-china protests in vietnam turned violent on thursday when thousands of rioters rampaged through industrial zones and set fire to foreign-owned factories. protests began after beijing at up an oiil rig in disputed part of the south china sea. the two have blamed the other for the clashes. hundreds of chinese nationals have since fled vietnam. reports say 20,000 vietnamese workers to heart in the anti-china demonstration. the trial of south africa. star starf-- paralympic oscar pistorius was postponed on wednesday.
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the judge said that the decision would ensure the defendant gets a fair trial. defensey comes after a witness testified that oscar pistorius has had an anxiety disorder to since childhood. pistorius could be acquitted or face a lighter sentence if he is found to not be criminally responsible for shooting his girlfriend because of mental illness. the french riviera rolled out the red carpet on wednesday for the start of the annual cannes film festival. the event kicked off with a screening of "grace of monaco," starring nicole kidman and princess grace. ♪ why are you crying? >> if your family is to survive, you need to give them -- >> 18 films are in the running for the palm do'orr.
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the choice will be made by the international jury headed by the firston, who was female filmmaker to pick up the prize in 1993. anger over the turkish government's handling of the mine disaster spilled into violence on thursday as protesters clashed with police in several cities including istanbul and ankarra. demonstrators were outraged by comments by prime minister erdogan seen as lacking sympathy for the victim's families. >> accidents occur in mines. turkey is not the only country where these things happen. they happen in america. >> anger at the government was intensified by a picture showing an aid kicking a demonstrator. the president tried to strike a more conciliatory tone during his visit to the disaster site.
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>> a terrible accident like this should not happen. just like other developed countries, we need to look at our rules and see what needs to be changed. >> protesters accuse the government of failing to enforce safety standards. they say the administration puts profit ahead of human lives. a memorial museum dedicated to the nearly 3000 victims of the 2001 terror attacks o pened in bjork on thursday. it pays special should be to rescue others. shoes covered with dust from the twin towers and the victim's wristwatch were some of the objects left behind on that fateful day. there are recordings of voicemail messages. ofi am on the 106th floor the world trade center. we just heard an explosion. smoke and it's pretty bad. >> the 7 story museum is located
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at ground zero where the world trade center once stood. barack obama joined survivors and rescuers for a dedication ceremony. >> here we tell their story. so that generations yet unborn will never forget of coworkers who led others to safety, of passengers who stormed the men and women in uniform who rushed into an inferno. >> but there were some objections, too, from people who lost family members on 9/11. some protesters are opposed to storing unidentified bone fragments at the site, saying it is disrespectful. in afghanistan, election officials announced on thursday that the country's presidential poll would go to a runoff next month. mer for more -- for
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opposition leader lead with 45% in the first round but fell short of the 50% required. runner-up, ae former world bank economist, who received 31.6%. hamid karzai was not allowed to run for a third term. over a week until european union elections, candidates from the five biggest took part in a debate on thursday. major topics included eu policy on refugees, the crisis in ukraine, and economic stagnation in country such as greece. it's the first time debates were held ahead of eu elections as part of efforts to make the process more democratic. india, the world's largest democracy, side huge political shift on friday with a landslide election win for the opposition hindu nationalist.
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his top candidate is set to govern with an absolute majority in parliament. >> to live up to the responsibility you have given me, i shall devote every part of me, every second to serving our 1.25 billion people. >> the governing congress party ndhi dynastye ga suffered its worst defeat since 1947. the victory has been hailed by investors with a search on the stock market. supporters hope that mota's experience as governor will help to revitalize the cooling economy and the rest of the country. pioneer settlement of bauhaus homes was restored in germany on friday with the dedication of two units. architects rebuilt the prototypes with modern techniques after the homes were destroyed by bombs in world war ii. the artist community was home to
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such famous residents as the bauhaus founder, an architect, and kandiski. w?q?q?q?q?q?ac
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